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customers in 50 countries

Innovative partnership

Together with more than 100 customers in 50 countries we feel responsible for the future. Product improvement, new ideas and new applications are a result of our inspiration to utilize the power of nature to restore the natural balance. 

Our team of specialists has more than 25 years experience in Bacillus fermentation. We offer our customers solutions in both dry and liquid form. We also assist our customers possibly with the registration of, for example, biopesticides and/or probiotics related nutritional additives. 

NobleBio is not producing finished products. We assist and support our customers to create tailor made solutions for their markets and applications. Together we aim for the highest standard and quality.

Bacillus registration support

Apart from creating biotechnology solutions, we assist our customers with registration of feed additives, bio stimulants and or bio pesticides.

Cooperation with universities and colleges

Young people are the future and they embrace new environmentally friendly sustainable solutions. At various universities, students work with Bacillus to explore new possibilities. In order to make the move from lab to field they sometimes need scale up capacity. NobleBio can provide these services. We recognize the potential this new generation offers and work together to support progress!

NobleBio is the ideal partner to facilitate scale up projects of universities and the cooperating companies because of our fermentation capacity. Besides single strain fermentation we can offer full down stream processes.