nature's balance
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nature's balance

It is our job to assist in creating a more sustainable world. We are convinced that there is a natural and better alternative for most chemicals



NobleBio is a company committed to creating a green world by utilizing natural and sustainable alternatives for all chemicals. We aim to transition the food, feed, and hygiene industries to a more sustainable future. Our focus is on the utilization of metabolites produced by different Bacillus species to improve agriculture yields, remediate pollution and provide natural solutions for the planet.

NobleBio envisions natural solutions for our planet and collaborates with various partners to innovate and establish a more sustainable food chain. We are equipped with the tools and atitude to mine those opportunities and are continually growing our vast culture collection.

By following our purpose, we aim for zero-emission as a company, whereby our products & solutions already positively contribute to the environment.



We are the leading independent worldwide player in biotechnology, specializing in fermenting bacteria of the Bacillus species. Partnering with our worldwide network (of +100 customers and active in 50 countries), we feel responsible for feeding the future in a sustainable way.

In close collaboration we continuously improve our products and services by exchanging new ideas and applications. As a result of our shared inspiration with our business partners, we establish a more sustainable food chain, restoring the natural balance. Our headquarters is in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, where also R&D and production facilities are located.

Successful combinations

In our research lab we develop these natural alternatives ourselves, by growing bacteria of the Bacillus species and making several combinations. From this, we research, improve and produce organic ingredients or end products. Our natural solutions will work in a biological system or living creatures like bacteria, plants and animals. Products that are valuable, have chances and are very needed now and in the future. A sustainable and natural solution to permanently restore the balance in nature. We work together with high schools and universities to develop and make the most of all possibilities.

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