Our solutions
are meaningful
Our solutions
are meaningful

The research and development team works tirelessly to develop groundbreaking patents and fermentation research. Their experienced scientists search all over the world for new microorganisms to solve today's issues. Their fermentation department bridges the lab-scale and industrial operations. They experiment and scale-up novel strains, optimize fermentation and develop prototypes.


NobleBio has a proprietary culture collection of thousands of well-characterized strains. We prioritize discovery and employ industry-leading technologies to bring those discoveries to clients. Our expansive library of strains enables us to offer custom solutions tailored to the individual industry and specialized contexts.

NobleBio is a leader in commercial fermentation and collaborates with clients to grow microorganisms that solve macro challenges at scale. We provide technical and marketing support to clients from start to finish.


Our expertise lies in optimizing the yield and stability of industrial microorganisms and scaling them up for significant impact. At the core of our approach is our exceptional fermentation capabilities, which prioritize superior stability. Our team of fermentation experts meticulously follows a controlled process to elevate your chosen strains for large-scale production, considering crucial downstream processing parameters such as centrifugation and spray drying. To ensure the end product meets the highest standards, NobleBio implements multi-phased quality control systems, resulting in a final product that is stable, dependable, and of top-notch quality, just as nature intended.

The Fermentation Department serves as a liaison between our lab-scale and industrial operations. They engage in experimental and scaling-up activities with new strains, optimize fermentation processes, and create prototypes. The industrial team then utilizes these findings to tailor the product, resulting in high-yield and high-purity strains manufactured on a large scale.

Strain Isolation & Screening

NobleBio stands out from other biologics companies with our extensive collection of microorganism cultures. We place great importance on discovery and use cutting-edge technologies to bring these discoveries to you. With our diverse library of strains, we can provide customized solutions that are specific to your industry and unique circumstances.


NobleBio is committed to meeting the demand of our partners, and their production department has the capacity to do so. They develop concepts and utilize their world-class fermentation capabilities, ensuring that key downstream processing parameters are considered throughout, resulting in an end product that is stable, reliable, and of premium quality.

The Production Department possesses the ability to fulfill orders without compromising quality. They devise ideas and designs for the eco-conscious products you offer, whether liquid, powder, or solid.

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