nature's balance

It is our job to assist in creating a more sustainable world. We are convinced that there is a natural and better alternative for most chemicals


At NobleBio, our core mission is to forge a green world by embracing nature's solutions. We are at the forefront of pioneering natural and sustainable alternatives to replace conventional chemicals. With a strong commitment to transforming the food, feed, and hygiene industries, we are driven by the innovative use of Bacillus species metabolites. These natural solutions not only enhance agricultural yields and remediate pollution but also contribute holistically to the sustainability of our planet.


As a beacon of biotechnological innovation, NobleBio stands as the leading independent global entity specializing in the fermentation of Bacillus bacteria. In partnership with our extensive network, which spans over 100 customers across 50 countries, we hold a shared responsibility to nourish the future sustainably.

Successful combinations

In our research laboratory, we develop these natural alternatives ourselves, by cultivating bacteria of the Bacillus species and making various combinations. On this basis, we research, improve and produce organic ingredients or finished products. Our natural solutions work in a biological system or living things such as bacteria, plants and animals. Products that are valuable, offer opportunities and are desperately needed now and in the future. A sustainable and natural solution to permanently restore the balance of nature. In development and innovation we cooperate with colleges and universities.



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