Work on green
biological solutions

We work with a professional team. Our solutions contribute to a greener world. We develop all our products ourselves, including the machines and work processes.


Work on green biological solutions


Join the driven and dynamic Noblebio - team in Oldenzaal as a cleaner (25 - 40 hours per week).

Assistent Proces Operator

Are you looking for a challenging job as an Assistant Process Operator (25 - 40 hours per week)? Do you like varied work? Maybe this vacancy is something for you!

Process Operator

You will perform various operating tasks on various machines such as fermenters, centrifuges, spray dryers and mixing kettles. The control is done by an advanced Siemens PLC System.

Apprenticeship process operator

BBL Learning and Working

BBL learning and working is a vocational learning pathway. You will work at a recognized training company, earn a salary and occasionally go to school for theory to brush up your knowledge. You will learn the trade of operator through a BBL route.

Application procedure
1. Send your application

You can do so online through this website or send an email to

2. Do you fit in at NobleBio?

Upon receipt of your application, we will assess whether you fit within NobleBio. If you seem to be a good match, we will contact you.

3. Invitation to conversation

If your application is reviewed positively, you will receive an invitation for an interview. Think about what questions you want to ask yourself.

4. Getting to know colleagues

After a successful job interview, you will be invited for a second interview. You'll meet your potential colleagues or team members. This gives both you and the team a chance to see if there is a good professional and personal click.

5. Welcome to NobleBio

If everything goes positively and both parties are convinced, you will receive a message that you have been hired. This will be followed by an official welcome message, providing details of your start date, place of work and any additional information. Congratulations! You are now officially part of our company.


At NobelBio, we strongly believe in creating a work culture that thrives on innovation, collaboration and empowerment. Our organization is steeped in a dynamic atmosphere where diversity is cherished and creativity is encouraged. Here are some core values that characterize our work culture:


To protect people and the environment, we always work according to current (safety) guidelines, invest in optimal protective measures, and operate under safety certification schemes. We hold each other accountable for unsafe behavior, thereby creating a safe and pleasant working environment for and with each other.

We are working on a green world. And we prefer to implement that in everything. Our conviction: there is a natural and better alternative for all chemistry.

Together, we continuously strive for an optimum, in which quality is essential in everything we do. In this, professional competence as well as carefulness in our actions are our main principles. Driven by this core value, we are eager to invest in maintaining our knowledge.

We do not wait around and take the initiative ourselves to get things started, and in doing so, we are always looking for new solutions and innovative ideas. We encourage each other to think along in the various fields of work.

Together you achieve more! Through intensive collaboration between the different departments, we can achieve results, work efficiently, and reach our goals with pleasure.

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