R&D: Our engine of innovation

Centrally, our R&D efforts at NobleBio are the heartbeat of our innovation. Situated in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, our R&D and production facilities are where our vision comes to life. Through the cultivation and experimentation with various Bacillus strains, we develop organic ingredients and end products that harmonize with biological systems. This unique approach to production is continually refined through our innovative practices, ensuring that our methods are as sustainable and effective as the solutions we create. Collaborating closely with academic institutions, we strive to harness the full potential of nature to achieve a lasting equilibrium in our ecosystems.


NobleBio's treasure trove of thousands of well-characterized microbial strains is our foundation for discovery. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we bring these discoveries to our clients with precision and customization. Our commercial fermentation prowess is matched by our dedication to scaling solutions that address macro-level challenges.

Global Impact

Our expertise is not just in optimizing yields but also in ensuring the stability and scalability of industrial microorganisms for a significant global impact. Our exceptional fermentation capabilities are designed for superior stability and quality. The Fermentation Department is a crucial nexus between our research and global operations, fostering the transition from innovative strains to high-yield, high-purity products for the world.

Our Solutions: A Commitment to Significance

The relentless pursuit of excellence by our R&D team has yielded groundbreaking patents and advanced fermentation research. Their quest to discover novel microorganisms spans the globe, tackling modern challenges with ingenuity. From the lab to large-scale industrial applications, our fermentation department is the bridge that turns pioneering ideas into tangible solutions.

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